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Infrared roasted coffee


Lonsdale Street Roasters use a Diedrich roaster with infrared burners, delivering precise even heat & airflow when roasting. This in turn allows us to manipulate heat, air & time to extract the true flavour & character of each origin.

The beans we roast have been scientifically proven to provide good vibes & feelings of wellbeing.*

*May or may not be based on science & or facts.


We've Changed...

we’ve updated our brand, but not our address. Lonsdale street roasters has always been a bit different, but now we look different too. We still have your favourites & in the near future there will be some new flavours that will taste a bit different — but in a good way.

We may look different, but we taste as good as we always have.


1OO% Charged


Keep an eye out for our electrifying new product — Charge, infrared roasted + cold brewed goodness by Lonsdale Street Roasters. We're looking forward to you charging your glasses with our take on cold brew...

Just add your favourite milk + enjoy!