At Lonsdale Street Eatery it’s all about classic dishes made well. The focus is on good, simple food prepared using quality ingredients and a minimum of trickery. Wherever possible ingredients are made by us or sourced from Canberra’s increasing cadre of award-winning local suppliers and producers.

Lonsdale Street Eatery is proud to be one of the first eateries in Australia to own an ‘Ole Hickory Pit’, custom made in Missouri, USA. Our hand-made barbecue pit uses local white oak to flavour our mouth-watering beef briskets, pork shoulders, local trout, ham and poultry.

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Every time you come in and smell the mouth-watering smoky goodness coming from our oven or see our happy team whipping up something awesome, you know we are lovingly preparing food the Lonsdale Street way – with style.

It’s kinda like listening to jazz you can eat. And don’t forget to have a spectacular cup of our daily blended joe after you’ve eaten!